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Just wonderin’ August 30, 2009

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Observant.  I am not very observant.  I don’t always pay attention to the details.  For instance when we were first married I came home from work and didn’t notice for at least an hour that there was a bouquet of flowers from my wonderful husband sitting on the dinner table.  I get focused on a task or what I am facing and I miss a lot of the details.

I was reminded of this last week when my younger brother Ben was riding in our minivan with me and when we arrived home he exited the car but began circling it and looking at the tires.  After a few moments of examination he told me that he felt I needed at least one new tire because the tread was almost completely worn down.  I asked him to share this with Mark (who really never rides in or drives my van, thus not noticing the tire issue:) and we purchased two new tires this week.

You see I would have never known there was a problem with my tires until I had a flat tire.  I don’t inspect my tires or honestly even know what a healthy tire looks like versus an unhealthy tire.  (I know tires aren’t “healthy”)  The only way I recognize something needs work on my car is when it is obviously broken.  I am very thankful that Ben has the knowledge and pays attention to those kind of details and made me aware of the problem.

The situation made me think about other areas of my life where I might be overlooking details and missing possible warning signs of impending problems.  Mark looks out for me in so many, many areas and definitely makes me aware when he sees something that I need to focus on.  However cars are one of Ben’s “things” so he is really aware of those kind of details.  I want to have people in my life that are wise enough and observant enough, and care about me enough to warn me when I might need to focus on some details.

I have some great girlfriends that I have learned to love and trust and have given them access to my inner world.  They keep me straight.  They hold me accountable and push me toward Christ and can even give me a talkin’ to when I need it.  However I am feeling challenged to ask them to ask me the hard questions in case I am missing some areas that might be leading me toward trouble.  I also am striving to seek out relationships with wiser, godly people that might be more of an expert in certain areas than myself.  I want to learn from them and hopefully gain wisdom so I can be more observant about details I need to focus on in my mothering,relationship with the Lord, friendships, service, learning, etc.  It is one thing to learn from someone by watching them, and another thing to give them the authority to challenge me toward growth and possibly change.

So how about you?  Who do you allow to ask you the “hard questions”?  Do you allow anyone to hold a mirror up to you and make you look?  Do you trust anyone enough to let them observe the details of your life and make comment?  Why not?  What are you afraid of?

Just wonderin’…


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