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My new favorite! September 11, 2009

Filed under: Random stuff — erikaivory @ 2:11 am

Complete randomness but I just wanted to share a new favorite thing in my life.  Bounce Dryer bars.

Yes, odd but true.  I found them with a coupon on super sale so I thought I would try it out.  I am in love!  I must forever find coupons and sales now.  Really they aren’t very expensive, maybe $3.99.  You adhere this bar thing to your dryer drum and that is it!  It is supposed to last for around 3-4 months.  It leaves our clothes smelling so fresh and clean!

I have a major allergy nose and usually I have to go the unscented route but this scent doesn’t bother me.  Love it!  I also love not putting in a dryer sheet.  Very silly time saver but yet it has actually made life a little simpler.  Less clutter in my cabinet and I don’t find old dryer sheets stuck in my clothes:)  I have several embarrassing stories revolving that little description…


So for real give it a try.  It will put a pep in your step and a give you a silly reason to grin:)  And isn’t it fun to find something that makes the never ending laundry game a little easier?  You’re welcome:)




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