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Lessons from a spider September 15, 2009

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Over the past couple of weeks I have found a new favorite place in the Rail Trail.  During my new gift of morning time while Eli is in school I have been trying to get some exercise.  If you haven’t explored the Rail Trail, well, what are you waiting for?  I have been trying to find the different outlets.  The Trail is really huge and each part I have been on is well kept up.  I always see (not sure their correct title) men keeping up the trails.  I have also seen one walking policeman patrolling and 2 policemen on 4 wheelers.  I have taken the trail from the Ebenezer Park entrance, from McLeod Health and Fitness, from behind Naturally Outdoors, from the Pepsi plant and from where it comes out by the Memorial Park.  I also just tonight saw the Magnolia Mall entrance too.

I have taken the boys on it a couple of times.  I love it in the mornings because it is so quiet and peaceful and cool.  I always see other runners or people walking their dogs.  The thing I see the most of though is spiders.  I am not a fan.  Particularly because most of the spiders I see are the big long yellow ones that make huge webs.  Yuck!  I thankfully have not run through a web although probably because I generally run swinging my arm in front of me, just in case:) (So if you see me out there don’t walk too close to me you might get slugged by mistake. )  I will start to feel safe and then I will glance up and see a huge spider with its massive web slung across just over my head.  Ugh!


Really though I am invading their territory.  So the more I run the Trail I am becoming a bit more comfortable sharing and respecting their space.  I usually stop a couple times each visit to examine the amazing webs.  They really are beautiful you know?  I have tried several times to take pictures of these intricately spun homes but they never turn out.  I love the zig zag patterns that some of them hold.  I wonder if that is where there was a tear or break and the spider had to sew it up and make it extra strong?

I was watching one spider the other morning as it finished weaving the very middle of the web.  Its web was actually attached from a bush to the ground and I almost broke it.  I watched for a long time as it carefully completed the inner most circle.  As I observed I stepped to the side and mistakenly broke where the web was anchored and it all swung back against the bush and was broken.  I started to think about how each night the spider weaves a web but usually sometime after sunrise and the dew dries either nature or wind or some creature breaks the web.  The poor spider worked so long and hard to create this beautiful but also functional home and yet most of the time it only lasts 24 hours or less!

I am sure I could do some amazing research and find some incredible parallels but I quickly was struck by this one.  I must admit at the end of each day as a stay-at-home mom I often find myself feeling defeated.  So many of the tasks I put my hand to accomplish throughout the day are usually undone by bedtime.  I scurry around to run the dishwasher, put away clothes, clean the toilets, pack the lunchboxes, lay out clothes for the next day, plan tomorrow’s meal in preparation for it all to be undone so quickly!  Do I have a good attitude about it?  Sometimes but usually if not externally, internally I am mumbling and fussing and complaining inside.  “This will never end.” “As soon as I do it, it gets undone.” “What is the point anyway?”

Does the spider complain?  Little Miss Spider sure doesn’t according to Noggin.  It would be a funny episode though to hear spiders complain about making their web each night:)  I was convicted as I watched that little spider tirelessly weaving away that I too am given daily tasks that are just that…tasks.  Thankless jobs that are assigned to me by my loving Father.  Should I complain? No.  Because this is the job He has put before me.  Does it achieve some higher, ultimate good?  Maybe or maybe not.  Perhaps I am just supposed to weave away and create a home and environment that is beautiful to Him.  It is enough to do what He asks me to do because He loves me like that.  Surely He does not ask me to do something that is not for my ultimate good.

Do some spider webs go unnoticed?  Certainly.  But isn’t that a shame?  Shouldn’t each little spider be appreciated and praised for her hard work and diligence each night?  It is enough that her Creator looks down and smiles and says, “Ah, you are weaving just the way you were created to.”.  So I am trying to learn to serve and weave my little web.  Without seeking approval from others, without needing daily affirmation that I am indeed making a difference.  Simply doing what I was created to do and feeling the sunshine of His presence while I spin.


Sorry if you now have the willies thinking of spiders:)


4 Responses to “Lessons from a spider”

  1. gillian Says:

    this is a struggle of mine MANY days of the week! After working all day and coming home with 2 children the mountain of tasks before me can really become overwhelming sometimes. thank you for a fresh outlook! praying for a happy heart instead of the resentful heart i can have sometimes when i feel overwhelmed with it all.

  2. Kelly Says:

    Beautiful reminder to us all!

  3. mochaprincess Says:

    EWHHH! I am terrified of spiders but as a scrapbooker that picture is awesome especially for a halloween layout

  4. I love your perspective. And I will have to check out the rail trail. I have been looking for a new place to run!

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