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Kiss Me Again September 23, 2009

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I am finishing up a blog book called Kiss Me Again by Barbara Wilson.  It talks about restoring intimacy and sexual desire to your marriage.  I was under the impression that the book discussed relationships that had to deal with “invisible bonds” from the past and overcoming “baggage” from past relationships.  Wilson definitely does deal with these issues well but she also talks about ways to improve intimacy in a thriving marriage between believers that have been faithful to one another.

I am about halfway through the book and am thoroughly enjoying it.  She really deals with many, many unspoken issues that Christian women deal with.  I also love the way she talks to women that may not be currently walking with the Lord but are searching and desperately want healing from past sexual relationships and are seeking a whole intimate relationship with their husbands.  She even walks through salvation.  It would be a great gift for a girlfriend that is feeling stuck, or apathetic about intimacy with her husband.  Wilson delicately addresses issues around sexual abuse as well as guilt over past sexual mistakes.

I am looking forward to finishing this book up to see what other nuggets of wisdom Wilson has to share.  I recommend this to any woman who wants to sort through issues and improve your intimacy with your husband.  It is well rounded and helpful!  I have included below a summary of the book and bio on the author.

Kiss Me AgainDo you ever wonder why marriage can seem like the end of intimacy and sexual desire instead of the beginning?

Ever wonder why it was so hard to resist sex before marriage—and so easy to resist it now? If so, you’re not alone! Many married women genuinely want to feel more desire toward their husbands…and can’t figure out what went wrong. But there’s good news. In Kiss Me Again, Barbara Wilson shows how powerful “invisible bonds” from past relationships can cause heartache, disappointment, and distance for couples in the present. Then—with sensitivity, honesty, and hope—Barbara walks you step by step toward healing…and a rekindling of the closeness and passion with your husband that you really want.

You don’t have to live any longer with confusion, disappointment, resentment, or shame. You can rediscover desire. You can say Wow! again.

With assessment tools, write-in exercises, and gentle guidance, Kiss Me Again offers a biblical plan for rekindling the closeness and passion women long for in marriage. Because no past is beyond the reach of God’s healing touch.

In Kiss Me Again, Wilson:

· Shares her own story of healing and renewed desire

· Helps women forgive themselves and their husbands for past choices

· Shows readers how to break free from “invisible bonds”

· Explains God’s plan for helping a husband and wife to re-bond

· Includes conversation helps for both wives and their husbands

· Helps couples reignite the passion that they thought was lost

Barbara Wilson is the author of The Invisible Bond and former director of sexual health education for the Alternatives Pregnancy Resource Center in Sacramento. She speaks nationwide to youth and adults with her message of sexual healing, and she teaches frequently in the women’s ministry at the multi-campus Bayside Church in Northern California. Barbara and her husband, Eric, have been married for twenty-eight years.

You can also purchase the book online:

– <>


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