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How is your garden growing? September 27, 2009

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I have started a devotional called Intimate Conversations by Alicia Britt Chole.  I am not generally a daily devotional kind of gal.  I prefer a book or better yet a workbook (said with excitement).  Yes I am nerdy like that.  This is actually a book I am supposed to review and blog about, which I will do later this week.  However I LOVE it and every day it makes me pause and reflect on a little nugget throughout the rest of the day….or better yet some days Mrs. Chole kicks me in the teeth and I walk around in a daze the rest of the day determined to learn so I don’t have broken teeth again.  Ever had that happen?  God kick you in the teeth recently?  Oh He doesn’t do that to you?  Guess you aren’t as hardheaded as I am.  Good for you.

So here is a tidbit for you that I cannot get out of my head.

Picture your spirit as though it were a garden. Day after day, choice after choice, every choice is a seed and, in the realm of choice, every seed bears fruit.

How is your garden growing?

We are a generation living on the edge of unimaginable change politically, economically, environmentally, and spiritually. At such a time as this, when much seems out of our control, we must be accountable for what is within our control. We must be a generation that takes responsibility for all our choices.

Our relationships do not have the time to wait while we postpone allowing God to get his hands on our controlling, critical spirits. The children in our lives do not have the time to wait while we spiritualize away our fear and perfectionism. Our health does not have the time to wait while we live in denial of those issues that have the potential of shortening our lives. The lost certainly do not have the time to wait while we keep waiting until we are more “together” before we do something sacrificial for the sake of their souls.

It is time.

We all come from different places. Some of our pasts have been more immersed in crises. Some of our presents are more immersed in pain. And some of us have had choices stolen from us through abuse, disease, death, and divorce. But there is one choice that no one can steal from us, and that is our choice to follow God.

Day after day, choice after choice, every choice is a seed, every seed bears fruit.

May God strengthen us to plant well!

Chew on that for a bit:)  I really might need to see a dentist…


One Response to “How is your garden growing?”

  1. DANG! DANG, DANG, DANG! That was strong! Good stuff… You read and share some really good stuff (Sounding very repetitive today 🙂

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