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Intimate Conversations-Sooo good! October 6, 2009

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I would like to introduce you to an author that is new to me, Alicia Britt Chole. I am currently reading a devotional, Intimate Conversations,  written by her as part of a blog tour. It has taken me tremendously by surprise.  I just am loving it! I look forward to it each day which I find unusual in most devotionals I have used before. It has just enough depth to keep me thinking throughout the day but each entry is short enough to find time to read them even when life is crazy.

If you are like me you desperately want time with the Lord but quite honestly most days it is quick and doesn’t always seem to stick. Somehow Chole write in a way where it sticks. It certainly helps that I look forward to picking it up and reading it. She challenges without guilting you and usually makes me chuckle as well. She is a mom of three and is full of stories and funnies that I can totally relate to. I love what she says about the book,

“I want to show women how each minute of every loud, distracting

day is pregnant with potential for intimacy if we can learn how

to simply and intentionally live it with God”.

Many of her entries are based on other books she has written so I can’t wait to get my hands on a couple of those too. Call me crazy, but I really do like to read things that kind of make me groan with conviction. This book is one of those, however in such a real-life, oh-that-makes-sense kind of way. I give this book a definite five stars. You can tell it is a favorite with me when I have to read it accompanied by a pen. I have already marked all over this one!

You will find a summary and author info below, as well as a remark by Mark Batterson. When I saw that, I knew I needed to check this book out. Anyone that reads my blog with any regularity knows that I truly respect what he has to say. I think he could have been a bit more excited about it though, because I am telling you this is a GREAT book!

Relief for Busy Women and Moms

To Draw Closer to God—During All of Life’s Busy


Author Alicia Britt Chole shows women how to rejuvenate their spiritual lives 
with this collection of short yet deeply thought-provoking meditations.

Women spend a large portion of their lives serving everyone around them—making sure the kids are fed
and to school on time, the house is in working order, the to-do list is full of checkmarks and they’re volunteering on Sunday mornings at church. After pouring into everyone and everything else, it’s a struggle to have any time or energy left over at all—not even when it comes to cultivating their relationship with God.

Author and seasoned mentor Alicia Britt Chole offers relief. In her latest book, Intimate Conversations: Devotions to Nurture a Woman’s Soul, she shows women how every season—even those marked by hectic schedules and overwhelming responsibilities—can offer unprecedented
opportunities to actually deepen your faith without having to put God on hold.

She reveals how that’s possible through this set of 52 daily readings. Each takes only moments to read,yet these poignant meditations will bring a refreshing perspective to a reader’s entire day.

Rather than ignore the daunting real-life issues and faith struggles that complicate your connection with God, Chole addresses them with grace and understanding. Whether it’s yearning to love God more,to learn to listen, to not give up or to overcome fear, she helps women understand how they can develop a more intimate and satisfying relationship with God in the midst of everyday challenges.

“I want to show women how each minute of every loud, distracting day is pregnant with potential for intimacy if we can learn how to simply and intentionally live it with God,” Chole says.

She draws from her experience as a mentor, daughter, wife and mother to weave personal stories of laughter and tears alongside Scripture in these meditations. Paired with thought-provoking questions for reflection or group discussion, Chole’s insightful writing will be cathartic for any woman who is hungering for a more intimate connection with God, no matter how crazy life gets.

“Alicia has a unique way of framing truth. Her heartfelt and thoughtful words penetrate the soul and make you think and feel in new ways.”
— Mark Batterson, author

“Available September 2009 at your favorite bookseller from Revell, a division of Baker Publishing


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