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Snapshots October 21, 2009

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I am not a photographer, although I would love to be creatively inclined that way.  As I was wandering around today doing my motherly duties I kept noticing little snapshots that pointed out to me the wonderful gift that I am a mother to active, busy, messy little boys.  I kind of felt God nudging me to have a more grateful attitude.  Instead of sighing that again the weapons bin is dumped out…smiling that my boys love to make swords out of EVERYTHING and any game eventually becomes a competition.

2009-10-21 12.44.38

2009-10-21 12.35.59

2009-10-21 12.38.14

I really do want to be better about embracing this season instead of feeling overwhelmed that the toys will never stay picked up for more than 15 minutes and the bathroom constantly needs to be wiped down and the clothes hampers are never empty and the messes are made before I have time to clean up the last one and I continually seem to step on Legos, Tinker Toys and trip over footballs:)

2009-10-21 12.36.34

2009-10-21 12.36.45

2009-10-21 12.37.37

But this is what I prayed for and asked for!  And I get to stay home with them and be involved in all the aspects of their little lives!  Praise God for this wonderful season of make believe, and snuggles after bathtime and Saturdays full of ball games, and toothpaste on the counters and jelly fingerprints on the door and shoes being left outside and story books everywhere and sweet, sleepy kisses.  Thank you God for making me the mother of three precious little boys.  Please forgive my frustrated sighs and rolling of the eyes and overwhelmed feelings at times instead of lifting up thanks and praise to You!

2009-10-21 12.46.44

2009-10-21 12.46.20

2009-10-21 12.37.16


One Response to “Snapshots”

  1. cwperez Says:

    great reminder of the blessings in our life! yes, may the sighs be turned into praise for this season of life!

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