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Clay or wax? October 23, 2009

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I came upon this on another blog today and just thought I would share

“Hardened clay is brittle and easily damaged. If dropped, it can fracture into a thousand pieces… Dropped wax, it only bends from the pressure of the fall. Impressionable and pliable, it can quickly be remolded.

People are like that. People who are hardened in their resolve against God are brittle, their emotions are easily damaged. But those who bend to the will of God find perfect expression in however God molds them.

The same sun that hardens the clay, melts the wax. There is no change or variation in the sun itself. It’s just the way the clay or wax responds.

Trials and sufferings will harden some just like breakable clay, baking in resentment and bitterness. The same circumstances can melt others, teaching them endurance. The trials have no value or intrinsic meaning in themselves. It’s the way we respond to those trials that makes all the difference.” Joni E. Tada


3 Responses to “Clay or wax?”

  1. Vanessa Says:

    This is good, good stuff.

  2. Kara Says:

    I know where you got this from!

  3. Karl edmond Says:

    That’s good! I read something similar but fro
    an ancient Christian writing that suggested that God is an all consuming fire and his light and love can be experienced a fire that warms and comforts us or as a torment depending on how our heart has been prepared.

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