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Island Express October 25, 2009

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I am not ashamed to say that on this blog recently I am a thief:)  I am stealing what I read and what touches me to share with you …and be honest, you like it!

A few summers in college I was part of a super fun and amazing team of summer missionaries called Island Express.  We spent 10 weeks on Hilton Head Island (I know, poor kids:) sharing Jesus with tourists and locals in a myriad of ways.  Some weeks we were counselors at a children’s daycamp, we taught sessions at a teen missions camp, we performed interpretive movement and vaudeville routines in the harbors on the Island and then would go into the crowd to witness to those watching, we visited lifeguards weekly bringing them cold drinks during the day and then hosting a barbecue once a week to establish relationships and invite them to attend a Bible study with us, we manned and performed at a Christian coffeehouse right on the beach during the weekends, the list goes on and on.  In the midst of tremendous busyness though we grew in the Lord, had a BLAST and formed some amazing lifelong friendships.  I was blessed to meet some truly incredible Christian young people from all over the country.

Well one of them is Amy Liddle and I have reconnected with her recently through Facebook and following her blog.  She recently gave birth to her fourth little one and she shares about True Love.  Isn’t it neat to see how God grows and develops people through the years?  When I new Amy we were both so young and fresh.  She was amazing then but I LOVE seeing her maturity and wisdom and sincerity as she has grown into a mother of four.  In this post Amy talks about the risks that loving requires us to take.  It can be scary sometimes.  Very real and refreshing.  So go check out this true and sincere take on love at .  And I must warn you, her new, sweet little Evan just might give you a touch of baby fever:)


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