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Have you taken your vitamins today? February 11, 2010

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Every morning I set out two gummy vitamins for each of my boys.  They seem to like them and say they are tasty.  However, at least one day a week, once the boys are off at school and I set to cleaning the kitchen after breakfast I inevitably find this:

One of them has forgotten to take their vitamins!  Now the boys don’t realize that these two little gummy items are supposed to hopefully hold all the nutrients and vitamins that are missing from their diet (since their supermom does not successfully get them to eat all the fruits and vegetables that they are supposed to ingest).  They do know though that it is like a little candy treat before school.  And some days if I forget to put them at their place they will even ask for the sugary, vitaminy sweetness.  Yet there are days like above where they just hurry off and leave them behind.

It hit me the other day as I looked at the lonely vitamins and sighed (and also began to obsess about how they need that extra boost for their immune systems b/c they certainly don’t eat enough vegetables and what kind of mom am I to not only be slack about veggies but now vitamins too…anyone else have an internal Mommy Guilt with a megaphone/speaker system?)  This may sound just a wee bit cheesy but the way they rushed off and missed their vitamin treat is exactly how I am SOOOO many days with the Lord and what He offers me.

I have the opportunity to start each morning with an immune boost, energy shot from the Word that will get me going, set me on the right path and infuse me with EXACTLY what I need for that day…yet, more days than I care to admit, I opt for either completely skipping out…or even worse trading the health and life He offers for a cup of coffee with a friend, 15 more minutes of sleep, a little exercise or some time to catch up on the computer.

Come on, how sorry is that?!? And honestly, how stupid?  I need His Word to start my day.  I need His presence to help me face what He has for me, yet I usually just leave it sittin’ on my placemate while I trot off thinking I can handle it.  “I really don’t have time today, Lord” “Can I just listen to some praise music while I drop the kids off?”  “You and me, we’ll have a good chat while I’m in the shower.”

Mmm hmmm…I am the queen of good excuses.  So this year my theme is “Wake Me Up Lord!”.  I am determined that after 29 years of claiming my Christ as Lord I am going to get the hang of this waking up early to spend time with Jesus thing.  No, not because it seems like the ultra Christian thing to do, but because Jesus did it!  And because so many godly men and women that have gone before me claim that this is key.  And because truth be known if I don’t make it happen in the morning, it truly doesn’t usually happen.  Have I been successful every day?  Are you kidding me?  Of course not!

The days though where I wake up and start a conversation with Him before my feet hit the ground and then carve out time with Him and His Word before the craziness of my day begins…those are the days where I find more victory than defeat.  Those are the days that still may be insane with my cup full of life as a wife, mom, friend…but I walk in His peace instead of my own frenzy.

I am praying that He will Wake Me Up to deeper intimacy with Him, to a stronger prayer life, to deeper devotion as a wife, mother, daughter and friend, to dream the big dreams that He has just for me, to a passion for the lost around me and to the abundant life that He promises He has if I will simply abide in Him.

So, have you taken your vitamins today?


3 Responses to “Have you taken your vitamins today?”

  1. Great words of wisdom there E. You are so right about how much better the day seems to go if I start it with Him. Thanks for the reminder!

  2. Vanessa Says:

    Love that theme for the year … something I needed to be reminded of as well!

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