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Me? Gift? February 27, 2010

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Perry Noble‘s message this past week was on finding our “gifts” that the Lord has given us and using them to His glory.  That sounds easier than it is, I guess.  However, I think it starts with understanding that normally the area in which we are gifted will be accompanied by a joy in doing it.  Cool how it works that way.  He wants us to enjoy serving Him.  Of course there will always be times where we may not feel like serving with our gifts or it may not exactly be fun cause that is life BUT for the most part it makes sense that our passions usually accompany our gifting.

I follow Sarah Markley’s blog and she also shared a beautiful post on this today, called “Deep Gladness“.  I wish you would click over and read it.  And then take a few moments and reflect.  Hmmm…


One Response to “Me? Gift?”

  1. Thanks for the link Erica! 🙂

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