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Intentionally Trying… October 21, 2010

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Okay, so yeah…it has been like forever and a day since I have posted on here. I started this blog so I could document my attempt at being a godly wife and mother. And as a journal of our wild and woolly life during this season. Then when I realized that people were reading it I think I lost some of my transparency. Well, I want to return to my initial intention of simply recording for my sake and hopefully for posterity what life looks like in the Chapman household.

Currently we are homeschooling, living a busy and fun life with 3 wonderful little boys, blessed with Grandma and Grandpa Edmond and Uncle Ben living with us, busy watching and participating in the work God is doing in Florence through Newspring Church and trying to balance all that entails.

I am more and more convinced though that part of balancing well is saying yes to some things, but also saying no to others. Some afternoons I say yes to a 3 hour afternoon at the park, but that means saying no to cleaning the bathroom and folding the laundry. It is give and take. Learning to let myself do that is hard for me. It is equally as hard for me to say no to taking the boys on a bike ride because I need to say yes to putting away laundry and grocery shopping. The give and take can be tricky.

However, I am certain that the Lord is trying to teach me that I must be intentional. I must intentionally set my alarm and make myself get up before the boys so I can spend some time with Jesus. It affects everything. I must intentionally find ways to let Mark know he is my priority and I love him even with so many other things demanding my attention. I must intentionally make the time to teach the boys how to memorize Scriptures and intentionally seek the Lord as to which verses we need to be currently focusing on. I need to intentionally set a menu and preplan a time to grocery shop so our week is not thrown into chaos. I must parent intentionally. This is the job laid before me and I desperately and intentionally want to do it well:) For an audience of One.


One Response to “Intentionally Trying…”

  1. Laura Roberts Says:

    Erika, do you have some kind of scripture plan or program that helps you chose verses for your kids to memorize? If you do, would you share it? Thanks so much!

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