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Summer Fun November 17, 2010

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I never posted any pictures of our fun visit from our Canadian cousins!  My brother Karl and his wonderful wife, Stephanie, came to visit us this summer with their kiddos, Taryn and Sean.  They drove all the way down from Canada!  They came because my brother Jacob married sweet Danielle this summer.  We had so much fun!

We desperately want to drive up and visit them sometime soon, even more so now that we had soooo much fun.  We spent two days playing on the beach and then had some fun being tourists in Greenville too.  If you have never visited downtown Greenville, you definitely have to go!  We love looking for the Goodnight Moon mice downtown, going over the gorgeous Reedy River Bridge, playing in the river, running around in the hidden Children’s Garden under the overpass and finishing the day off with pizza from Mellow Mushroom and ice cream from Spill the Beans.  Hope you enjoy some of these pics:)  They certainly make me smile!

Eli, McCall, Sean, Taryn, Haig

Steph & Karl at our family reunion at the Seneca Chick fil A:) last wedding we convened at Ikea!

How cute is Layla!!! We also got to see my sister Maura, her hubby Ben and their sweet Layla and Reilley:)


Spending a hot afternoon at the Greenville Children's Garden, such a NEAT place!


Aren't they cute? The boys fought over who could st by, walk with dance with Taryn:)

Reilley is in this picture of the handsome crew at the wedding!

Fun family picture that we now realize is not complete:)

It was so fun being with most of my sibs! It doesn't happen often enough. Great pic of Kelly. The ladies represented on the dance floor!

Dani and Jacob, the happy couple!

Haig and Taryn sharing the dance floor:)

McCall & Taryn attempting a fancy dance move!

I couldn't resist...I just think this is the cutest picture of Layla announcing that she was "done" with the whole thing:) Even mad as fire she is a cutey!

This is an old picture but I just wanted to post it because it is so cute:)







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