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Influenced January 31, 2009

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I have been blessed to have a couple of different women in my life during different seasons.  These women were always older than me and were ladies that I admired for many reasons but particularly for how they let Christ shine through them.  They each played an important role in my life as a mentor.

Something I have realized from my own life is that as much as my mom modeled amazing things for me there were times that she couldn’t speak into my life, because I wasn’t listening.  However I know she prayed for me to be receptive to other wise, Christian people and allow them to speak into my life.  Her prayers were answered and I am now praying the same thing for my children.

The arrangements were different each time, but basically I asked these amazing ladies if they would meet with me a couple of times each month to listen to me, pray with me, challenge me and guide me as a woman, follower of Christ and eventually as a wife and mother.  These ladies are precious to me.

These were relationships that I sought out.  Some of them were through mentoring programs at church but a couple of them were just godly women that stood out and I really wanted them to teach me and I hoped they would rub off on me.  The life lessons and nuggets of wisdom they passed on to me are priceless.

I don’t have a particular person currently to fill that role.  I wish I did, but it just has not happened at the moment.  But what is neat is that in the blogworld I have found a couple of women that through their blogs I am gleaning amazing truths.  I look forward each day to see what Robin has to say or what she may surprise me with.  Sometimes I find a neat fun activity to do with my boys and other days I have to sit down and journal over what she shares and where it takes me in my own journey with the Lord.  I love it and I feel like she is sharing a bit of her wisdom, love for life and joy with me to help me become a better me.

This morning I think I discovered a new cherished, wise friend.  She has no idea I exist but I am so excited to add her blog to my bloglines feed.  I know her name is Cyndi and she has an amazing story of forgiveness, redemption and friendship that you can read here.  I was so inspired by her thoughts here.  She is a mom of 6 boys!  Wow!

I am so blessed to learn from and love these ladies from afar.  I only hope someday I can have the same amazing influence on at least the people near me and maybe afar.


2 Responses to “Influenced”

  1. Robin Says:

    I’m pretty sure you already are an influence Erica. I’m so humbled and honored that you get a little something from me. I love your willingness to learn and your zest for life. I think you and I learn from each other. You are in such a busy season of life and I’m amazed at how in the midst of it, you take time to reflect and intentionally grow. I’m praying for you my friend~
    love love love

  2. Michelle Says:

    I have been reading Cyndi’s blog as well and she is quite a lady. You too are such a neat women, I always love reading about your life- you seem to do a great job living it to the fullest and with authenticity and Christ showing through you!

    I am also interested in the mentoring ministry you were involved in through your church. How did it “work” etc. I too have been touched by mentors and we are starting a mentoring ministry at our church- I’d love to hear more about yours to help in the shaping of ours.

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